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Australian Citizen

In general, after living in Australia for four years, if you have Permanent Residency (i.e. a Permanent Visa) you can become an Australian Citizen.

The Australian Government allows dual citizenship. This means you can be a citizen of Australia as well as remain a citizen of any other country.

You can also be an Australian Citizen if one of your parents (including by adoption) is an Australian Citizen, even if you were born outside of Australia.

Australian Mission

An Australian Government office such as an Australian Embassy, High Commission, Consulate, Consulate-General or Australian Trade Commission.

Family Unit

A member of the family unit can be included in a visa application if they are:

  • the main applicant's spouse or de facto partner

  • the main applicant's child, or their partner's child, who is not engaged, married or in a de facto relationship and is:

    • aged under 18 years, or

    • aged 18 to 23 years and dependent on the main applicant or the main applicant's partner, or

    • aged 23 years or older and dependent on the main applicant or the main applicant's partner due to a partial or total physical or mental disability

  • the dependent child of the child above.


To come to Australia to live.

Onshore and Offshore Visa Application

Some visas can be only be applied for when you are in Australia (onshore application), some can be applied for only when you are outside of Australia (offshore application) and some visas can be applied for when you are either onshore or offshore. It is important to know where you need to be when your visa application is lodged.


When applying for a visa, people are considered to be partners if they are:

  • In a valid married relationship OR

  • In a de facto relationship, meaning they live like a married couple but are not married OR

  • Engaged to be married.

Note that same sex couples are considered to be partners.

Permanent Resident or Permanent Visa Holder

A visa that allows a person to remain in Australia for an indefinite period of time.


A relative includes a parent, auntie, uncle, brother, sister or child, but does not include other relatives such as a cousin.

Temporary Visa

A visa that allows you to remain in Australia for a limited period of time. The period can vary from one day to many years.


To travel to Australia for any purpose you must have a visa issued by the Australian Government.

Visitor's Visa

A visa that allows you to stay in Australia for up to 6 months to travel or to visit friends and relatives. It does not allow you to work. It can sometimes be extended.

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