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Do It Yourself Visas

Every person who comes to Australia needs a visa, whether it is for a visit of just one day or to stay permanently.

The following visas are relatively straight forward and are unlikely to require the services of a Registered Migration Agent:

  • Visitor and Tourist Visas which don’t allow you to work.

  • Working Holiday Visas to work and travel in Australia.

  • Straight Forward Student Visas – the school you enrol in often assist with these.


If you are interested in one of these visas, we suggest you review the information on this website as well as the Australian Government information provided here.

Retirement visas are also classed as visitor's visas. However, if you are considering retiring in Australia then we would suggest you use our services.


We will of course be happy to assist and advise you to obtain any type of Australian visa. You may require our services for even simple visas if there are specific issues that complicate things for you, or if you are having trouble obtaining a visa from the country you are in.

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Alexa Lee, Perth, WA

My husband and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for assisting us in securing our Permanent Residency Visa. We are truly astonished and relieved by this news. Your expert guidance was indispensable, and your contributions have made a remarkable impact on our lives.
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