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The most common visa types are outlined here:

Every person who comes to Australia must have a visa. From a wide range of available visas, we are qualified to give you the advice and direction in relation to the visa which is best suited to your unique circumstances.



Also called PR or Permanent Visas, allow you to stay in Australia Permanently. Migrate and Migration are terms used for people who have Permanent Residency.

Also called TR or Temporary Visas allow you to stay in Australia for a limited period. This can be for one day or for several years.  TR Visas often have conditions such as work and study conditions.


Allow you to stay in Australia whilst waiting for a decision on a visa application or appeal. If you are only after a Working Holiday Visa, simple Student Visa or Visitor Visa from some countries, you may not need the services of a Migration Agent. These are very simple visas and easy to follow the steps on the Do It Yourself page. However, most visas are substantial and complex. Very often there are a series of visas to apply for to achieve your goal. For example, your goal may be a Permanent Visa and reaching that goal may require one or two temporary visas before applying for a Permanent Visa. We can explain your options including any pathways that may be open to you. Choosing the best pathway is an important part of our work. We recommend you seriously consider using our specialist services for these reasons:                     

  • Eligibility requirements are complex and detailed. the correct visa pathway for your circumstances.

  • Paperwork can be extensive and complicated - it is critical that you choose during the entire visa application process. and act on your behalf Home Affairs and are qualified to advise, guide

  • We have regular dealings with the Australian Government Department of  can review your specific not discussed here, we that might enable you to obtain an Australia If you think there is something unusual or specific about your circumstances

  • Any initial consultation is free with no obligations.

  • It is important for you to know that if you make a mistake in your application or have applied for the wrong visa type and your visa application is then refused, your Australian Government visa application charge is unlikely to be refunded; and any further application may be delayed.

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