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Family visa

You may be eligible to migrate to Australia under the Family migration scheme if someone will sponsor you. The person sponsoring you must be a relative who is a parent, auntie, uncle, brother, sister or child.

In some situations, your sponsor may have to pay a bond and make a legal commitment to repay the Commonwealth of Australia any benefits the government pays to you in your first two years in Australia after you have migrated.

If you are eligible for the Family migration scheme, you will not be tested for skills or language ability. You will still have to be assessed against the health and character requirements that apply to all migrants.

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From over 20 different types of family and partner visas, the three most common categories of family and partner visas are:


Parent migration is where your sponsor will be your child. 


There are a number of Parent Visas with varying stipulations.  Some  involve a very long visa processing time; some are only for elderly parents; some are only available if you are in Australia when you apply, while others are only available if you are outside of Australia when you apply. Some visas are temporary, some are permanent and some have very high Australian Government Visa Application Fees. 


Please contact us if you are considering a Parent Visa pathway.


Where you are the sponsor, a child may be able to migrate to Australia if the child, relationship with you is such that the child is:


  • Your natural, adopted or step child and dependent on you OR

  • A child that you adopted overseas OR

  • Under 18 years of age, or a full-time student aged between 18 and 25, or over 18 years of age and unable to work due to a disability.


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