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Not Sure Which Visa

In fact, we like it when people come to us and tell us what they wish to do in Australia and we then decide on the best pathway.

Image by Nicholas Laurenzio

For example, if you might say “I wish to be in Australia within 3 months, living with my partner
permanently, find a job and with access to Medicare, but I don’t want to marry”.
Let us work out a pathway that achieves your goal. Your exact wish may not be possible but we will
find an option that achieves as much as possible for your Australian goal.
Of course, in some cases people are simply not eligible for a visa and if that is the case, we will tell
Our policy is to be realistic and never give you false hope.
The Australian Registered Migration Agents at AVMS operate under strict Australian Government
Rules – we must be honest about your visa options.
Contact us for an assessment of your options.

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