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We are Australian Visa and Migration Specialists, providing a wide range of services to help you obtain an appropriate visa to live and work in Australia. Our services include:

Visa Overview

You may wish to come to Australia for a short-term, long-term or permanent
stay. You may even wish to become an Australian Citizen.

We will advise you if you need to apply for more than one visa type.

Your family

When you apply for an Australian visa, your partner and dependent children can be included on your application. If you have other family members, such as a parent or parents who are dependent on you for financial support, then in some circumstances they can also be included on your application.

Character Requirements

The Australian Government requires you to be of good character. You may
be required to obtain a police certificate from each of the countries where
you have lived for 12 months or more during the last 10 years. We can
provide you with details of how to obtain police certificates in each country.

Health Requirements

All visa applicants and their family members will need to meet the
Australian Government's health requirements. This may involve all visa
applicants having a medical examination undertaken by a doctor authorised
by the Australian Government. We can provide you with details of
Australian Government approved doctors in your country.
If you have a health issue or even fail the health examination, in some
circumstances we may still be able to assist you to obtain a visa.



Our team of experienced migration agents are available to provide you with expert advice and consultation in relation to your visa options.



We oversee the preparation and lodgment of visa applications to ensure that all requirements are met and that your application can then be processed expediently.



If you have had a visa application refused, we can help you appeal the decision and provide you with representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.



We assist businesses with the sponsorship and nomination of overseas workers, advising on compliance with all regulations.



We provide advice and guidance to students seeking to study in Australia, including assistance with enrolment and visa applications.



We can assist with the preparation and lodgement of citizenship applications. We ensure that all requirements are met and in so doing your application will be
processed as quickly as possible.

At Australian Visa and Migration Specialists, we understand that the dream of living and working in Australia requires the expertise of dedicated professionals. Let us make your dream a reality.

Australian Visa and Migration Specialists

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